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Mai multe Jocuri Actiune Joc

Jocuri Actiune

Plop Plop Plop Plop Jocuri: 2249   

Hit plops to collect power and shoot down opponent's plops to deplete power.

Animal Hunter Animal Hunter Jocuri: 2251   

Walk through the forest with your bow and arrow shoot rabbits ostrich and eagles flying by.

Free Mars Free Mars Jocuri: 2384   

Fly in your space suit, shoot down the enemy flyers with your laser gun and save the planet.

Booger Flick Booger Flick Jocuri: 2413   

Finally a valid use for boogers! Flick your boogers through the air to kill as many of the flies as

Mai multe Jocuri Sportive Joc

Jocuri Sportive

Monkey Keepy Ups Monkey Keepy Ups Jocuri: 2520   

Keep the monkey in the air, try to beat your old high scores!

King Ping Pong King Ping Pong Jocuri: 2901   

Can you be King of the Ping Pong table? Put your skills to the test against the computer in this cla

Free Kick Challenge Free Kick Challenge Jocuri: 2540   

Hark back to yester-year in this old school challenge. Great game : )

MiniGolf MiniGolf Jocuri: 2673   

Un joc de golf in miniatura.

Mai multe Jocuri Puzzle Joc

Jocuri Puzzle

Znax Znax Jocuri: 2492   

Selecteaza patru caramizi de aceasi culoare intr-un dreptunghi pentru a le elimina si a castiga puncte.

Prabusirea Prabusirea Jocuri: 3013   

Un joc puzzle distreazate!.

Hentai Puzzle 2 Hentai Puzzle 2 Jocuri: 2589   

Select the pieces and fit them together to reveal hot anime chicks.

Plinx Plinx Jocuri: 2437   

Scopul acestui joc puzzle este sa mutii diferitele forme , pentru a le face exacte.

Mai multe Jocuri Impuscaturi Joc

Jocuri Impuscaturi

Pokemon Uciderea 2 Pokemon Uciderea 2 Jocuri: 2829   

Impusca pokemon inainte sa scape.

Boomerang Mayhem Boomerang Mayhem Jocuri: 2764   

In acest joc mergi si lovest canguri cu bumerangul.

Escaper Caper Escaper Caper Jocuri: 2490   

Shoot all the bad guys before they escape. Watch out they might shoot you too!

Xiao Xiao 4 Xiao Xiao 4 Jocuri: 2485   

Walk through this criminal infested neighbourhood shoot bad guys with yoru revolver and reload.

Mai multe Jocuri Gratis Joc

Jocuri Gratis

Bullet Dodge Bullet Dodge Jocuri: 2409   

You're on top of a building and completely at the mercy of 3 terrorists with guns. Dodge them in eve

Cursors of the Future Cursors of the Future Jocuri: 2788   

Select different style of mouse cursor, either fire, boxes, DNA, space ship, vortex or multiple curs

City Jumper City Jumper Jocuri: 2449   

See how far you can jump! Great fun, very addictive game.

Punk-O-Matic Punk-O-Matic Jocuri: 2526   

Select drum beats bass and electric guitar beats and make your own punk music.

Mai multe Jocuri cu Masini Joc

Jocuri cu Masini

Jungle Patrol Jungle Patrol Jocuri: 4008   

The bus is heading towards the bombs? what do you do?... what do you do!?! Take your jeep and save t

Kore Karts Kore Karts Jocuri: 3524   

Race your mini-car around the 3 circuits as you try and complete the race in first position! Be care

Drag Racer v2 Drag Racer v2 Jocuri: 4094   

Shift into gear and floor the pedal as you dragrace against the computer tune up your car modify eng

Chase 2000 Chase 2000 Jocuri: 3408   

A great racing game from the tail-view angle. Try not to get too competitive!

Mai multe Jocuri Clasice Joc

Jocuri Clasice

Rush Hour Madness Rush Hour Madness Jocuri: 2876   

Can you park the traffic in the least moves?

Arkanoid Flash Arkanoid Flash Jocuri: 3833   Support High Score

Clona Arkanoid

Conundrum Conundrum Jocuri: 3010   

Raise all 25 blocks as fast as you can by simply clicking on them.

7up Pinball 7up Pinball Jocuri: 2875   

Play a classic game of pinball in this excellent 7up version of the classic arcade game. Use the lef

Mai multe Jocuri Batai Joc

Jocuri Batai

Bataie cu Dovleci Bataie cu Dovleci Jocuri: 4400   

Un dovleac rau a invadat zona si face pagube . Trebuie sa fie oprit.

Bata si Soarecele 2 Bata si Soarecele 2 Jocuri: 4396   Support High Score

Controleaza soarecele sa colectezi branza si nu lasa dusmanii sa te prinda.

Sparge PC-ul Sparge PC-ul Jocuri: 7488   

S-a stricat PC-ul tau tocmai cad vreai sa salvezi un document important .Acum este ocazia sa te razbuni pe el.

Baiatul Cel Rau Baiatul Cel Rau Jocuri: 5039   Support High Score

Arunca iepuri pe baiatul cel Rau.